Lowering the Risks and Costs Associated With Travel

The days of business travel being a necessity are over. These days, anyone with a stable internet connection and a phone or laptop can work remotely by conducting business over video calling apps, such as Skype or Face Time. While these programs are suitable for the needs of an individual, companies require a higher quality of dedicated equipment and software. Here at Innovations, we offer expert advice and high quality equipment tailored to your needs. This makes us the number one for video conferencing Cambridgeshire has.

For many businesses, commuting is essential. For example, those aiming to sell products need to showcase them for clients. However, the majority of business related travel across the UK is not required, and only serves to increase operating costs.

Committing to unnecessary travel can lead to extra stress and fatigue among drivers. Research suggests that driver fatigue contributes to around 20% of road accidents – a quarter of which can be severe, even fatal. This comes as a result of long periods of driving, boredom, and extreme fatigue that lead to poor judgement and perception.

Additionally, as of March 2017, the average litre of petrol costs £1.19, while diesel comes to £1.22 per litre; fuel prices are continuing to rise. For companies with employees who travel regularly, this could add further unnecessary costs. Furthermore, with the governments continued efforts to lower carbon emission by at least 80% by 2050, businesses are urged to take responsibility and actively aim to lower their own carbon footprint.

Added costs, dangerous driving, and increased carbon emissions are simple to avoid. By cutting unessential travel and investing in video conferencing software, you can communicate effectively with clients without needing to physically be in the same room with them.

At Innovations we’ll recommend the best video conferencing solution for you. Whether you prefer a single use set-up, or a large scale conference set-up, we have something for you. With a reputation for providing the best video conferencing Cambridge has to offer, we’ll deliver an affordable and accessible audio visual solution.